The 24 Standards Project!  In my latest home recording project, I am arranging, recording, and sharing 24 Standard American Songbook Tunes.  Visit the 24 Standards Blog to read all about the process.  Nate Chinen at WBGO had some nice things to say about it!  Below is a recent video of Blame It On My Youth: 

I had the pleasure of playing with legendary trombonist Roswell Rudd every so often for about 18 months before he passed away in December 2017.  It was an honor and a tremendous experience.  You heard the whole history of the music in every note he played.  Miss you, Ros.   


The Messiaen Project and the Weekly Composition Project have been fully restored!  When I changed web hosts the recording and score files didn't transfer with a simple copy and paste.  So I had to manually upload them, and I've finally finished doing so.   If you have trouble viewing/hearing them, let me know.  I'd love to do this with the Weekly Improvisation Project and the Daily Improvisation Project, but finding space online and the time do to it would be really difficult - perhaps someday.