The Weekly Improvisation Project

In this project I did an extended improvisation every week that had to be at least an hour in length.  Again, I was forced to take all files down from the internet.  53 hours of music was too much for them to handle.  But I've preserved the outline of the project (click below), and the final installment was done live and videotaped:  

Weekly Improvisation Project

The Daily Improvisation Project

My original home recording project began as a simple self-study.  I attempted to record a short improvisation every day and post it on my website.  I didn't tell many people about it.  And I didn't write much about it.  It was a tremendous learning experience though, and it launched me into this home study/recording/sharing habit.  Eventually my website hosts shut me down for taking up too much room on their server, so I had to take the files down.  Below are a couple youtube videos I made during the project.  And click below for an archive of the project which includes an interview I did with my brother, Jake.  

Daily Improvisation Project